Philosophy & Motivation

To be at the right time at the right place for the heads of modern business in a modern world is of crucial importance. Delay or failure by overburdened highways, congested trains or rigid flight-schedules are unacceptable. Hence for short and medium haul routes within Europe, travelling by “private plane” can make life easier and “give wings” to business success.

Exactly for these reasons, the President of Zoz Group, Prof. Dr. (IPN) Henning Zoz,  as well as Dr. Sven Muehlenbrock are holding corresponding pilot`s licenses and use the flexibility of being “his own pilot”. Both entrepreneurs “from conviction” are also facing a successful official and a pleasant personal relationship.

The one flies from the Siegerland airport and the other from airfields in entire Europe. And both like to fly the same type of aircraft, in this case fast twin-engine DA42-aircrafts with long range, fully IFR-qualified, complete deicing system and storm-scope and everything that meets the safety needs of a responsible entrepreneur. The airplane, a Diamond DA42, is the best selling piston twin, by far and uses outstanding modern technology in its class, which can usually only be found in larger airliners. The DA42 has an impressive cross-country performance and burns fuel like a single engine, although with the safety of two engines.

Entrepreneurship in its pure understanding means to do something, to move something and to keep it moving. An aircraft for own but not fully covering utilization, in this sense would not be a good one. Thus the joint undertaking represents a 100% commercial exploitation for commercial purpose.

For this, a good flight operating company as partner possibly represented at multiple airports was to be and has been found to ensure the economic utilization of aircrafts. Since operation and maintenance of aircrafts are very complex and costly, a fleet shall grow at corresponding occasion to “scale down the overhead costs and optimize availability.”

Henning Zoz, June 2018